Organik is a concept far from classical white boats we can see all over the world.

By today, yacht competition is based on overall length and embarked toys. Organik is following another direction, with new design and concept of life on board instead of big length which will push the ship away from marina, towards industrial harbour facilities and/or anchorage.


The genesis of this ship has been done according to three axis of development: strong visual identity, heritage of golden age vessels and ocean animals, with accommodation and layout designed for real sailing and not only mooring. Wide windows in wheelhouse and protected upper deck are providing a good view on surrounding nature while sheltered.



Hull is long and narrow to allow a high cruising speed with energy saving : POD type propulsion with electric engines, and power plant relying on fuel cells will ensure a highly efficient system, in addition to silence during yacht sailing.


A lot of on-board services are based on Ecological-friendly systems, such as hot water production or air conditioning philosophy. Here again significant savings can be expected depending on technical definition of outfitting.

Organik Organik

The top fin, made of composite materials, will allow to hide all ugly antennas and radomes usually set on the top of modern yachts, keeping a smooth design for a smooth cruising yacht.


Technical data :

Length : 80.00m
Displacement (preliminary) : 2000 T
Speed : 20kts+
Propulsion set : 2 POD systems with electric engines.
Power plant : 4 diesel gensets + Fuel cell pack for low speed cruise and domestic consumption
Energy saving devices on board for domestic purpose (hot water - air conditioning - etc...)

Arrangement :

Top deck : owner suite, including cabin, private saloon, and balcony
1st deck : large wheelhouse with panoramic windows, CO cabin with private office, gymnasium, private aft lounge with sun deck
Main deck : large saloon (aft), dinning room with galley attached, quiet cosy saloon (fwd) with library and conference facilities
Lower deck : technical area and lazarette (aft), 4 guest cabins, crew accommodation, and garage (fwd) for 2 tenders.
Bilge : fuel cells, fuel tanks, technical rooms.

Design is oriented towards minimum carbon footprint, for both construction and life of the vessel. Recycled materials and "green" composites and fibbers can be applied for building, and power consumption can be minimized by using several technologies to optimize fuel and water consumption on board.

The hull is designed to allow high cruising speed with lower power requirement, thanks to its length and sharpness.

This project is now in stand-by configuration, awaiting consolidation from potential customer regarding accommodation design, deck accessories and final external design.

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